Dave, Help Me!


My clients are enthusiastic about the level of service and productivity they have received from me. Here's some of what they have to say about Dave,Help Me!

What is most important to me and I am sure others with limited ability to use their computers, IPads, and IPhones is that you are so comfortable to be with and patient with us -- not out to gouge anyone, only to serve.  I feel you are a friend, and I know A. {another customer} feels the same.

- Swan B.
Residential Customer, North Point neighborhood, San Francisco

Dave has come to our rescue many times. Computer crashes, server and software problems, viruses -- you name it, and it has happened to us. When my computers don't work it puts a great strain of my office staff. Like most small companies, our computer system started out as a single computer but has grown into several networked computers. Dave has sorted out the mess, documented everything and created a plan to keep us up and running.

- George Salet
President, George Salet Plumbing, Brisbane/San Francisco

As a retired attorney, I want to keep up with current technology but no longer have office support for my volunteer work now. Because my present work often involves activities for which I have time constraints, Dave has gone out of his way to quickly help me in "emergency" situations. I recommend Dave Duke without hesitation as an excellent and trusted computer technician. Dave is the best computer assistant that I have ever hired.

- M.R.
Attorney, San Francisco

Dave was recommended to my Mother and me by a friend and we could not be happier. Dave knows a tremendous amount about computers ( both pc and mac ) and he is reliable, kind and very patient. Having him help me during times when I was frustrated and ready to give up has been so amazing. His prices are fair and his work fantastic. I will continue to give my friends in need of help his name... Thank you Dave for coming to my rescue so many times!

- Katie H.
Residential Customer, Laurel Heights neighborhood, San Francisco

Dave, Help Me! has been my "hue and cry" for years, and I can't say enough of how much I appreciate him. Dave not only keeps my iMac updated and finely tuned but also taught me how to use my iPod, Nook, iPhone and other electronic devices. I see Dave on a regular schedule, and this is from an octogenarian!

- Sue F.
Residential Customer, Golden Gate Heights neighborhood, San Francisco


Should you have any problems whatsoever with your computer or printer, Dave Duke is the person to call. We run a small business in San Francisco and he has helped us numerous times – he is most knowledgeable, prompt, courteous and patient and is able to give detailed information.  His rates are extremely fair and we highly recommend him.

- Bill Moffett
Owner, Bill Moffett Consulting, San Francisco

Like most San Franciscan’s, I live in a multi-level home.  I have my printer on the top floor, my desktop in another area, and my laptop in the kitchen.  None of my computers were synced correctly with my printer. Now, when I hit “print” on any computer screen, I am a very happy camper because I know it is indeed printing.  Dave has made my world so manageable because of his detailed knowledge. I am extremely happy I found him and would recommend him to anyone.

- Nora M.
Residential Customer, Marina neighborhood, San Francisco


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