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I am committed to bringing you a consistently higher level of service than you expect. Throughout my tech career, I have cultivated a service mindset that translates into a consistent and ongoing effort to provide exceptional service that rarely fails to delight my customers. I enjoy applying the attitudes, techniques and skills advocated by one of the leading service educators, Ron Kaufman, creator of the UP! Your Service methodology. While working with you, my primary goal is to look for ways to create services, or restore function to the computers and systems, that deliver more value to you and make your job or life easier.

I provide the following services*:

  • Managed services - desktop & server
  • Operating System patch management
  • Updates for vulnerable applications that are commonly targeted by malware
  • Continuous data and system back-up and restoration services
  • Information technology analysis, strategy, and design
  • Wireless and wired network design, continuous maintenance, and support
  • Cable/DSL internet troubleshooting
  • Ongoing consultation
  • IT project management
  • On-site maintenance and support
  • Remote monitoring and assistance
  • Spam and Email management
  • Malicious software & virus removal plus unmatched anti-malware protection
  • 2Cast mobile interactive marketing solutions
  • Managed telephony services (more than just VoIP)
  • Support for Tablets & e-Readers (iPad, Android, Kindle, Nook)


End your frustrations and discover the power that peace of mind can bring.
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* Please Note:   

I do not sell hardware (computers, parts, displays, cables, etc) or software (operating systems, anti-virus utilities, productivity applications, etc), just computer support services. I will be happy to assist you to locate the best possible price for any hardware or software items that you may need or desire from reputable vendors, whether online or in local stores: that is part of my service. The reason for this is simple: they offer you far better pricing, selection, and purchase terms than I can possibly hope to compete against, because that is what they do best. I believe I provide a superior level of service because that is my focus. As an incidental service to my customers, upon request I will act as a courier to obtain and deliver to you some item that you wish to purchase from a vendor. In such cases, we will negotiate a reasonable service delivery fee in advance, and I will provide you with the original vendor receipt(s) along with the item(s) requested.

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