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If you are experiencing any problems with your network or computers, or have any questions when using a product, please contact me or call me at 806.7891 (area code 415) and I'll be happy to take your call in person.

If you wish to schedule an appointment, simply click this button Make an Appointment Online

If you have installed a QR Code Reader app on your SmartPhone, you can just scan the barcode below to quickly contact me: I'll call you right back!

If you are not familiar with using a QR code reader, there are abbreviated instructions below the code.


This QR Code will send the following TEXT message to my cell phone:

Please contact me about Technical Support for Business or Home [Please type your email or phone nbr & indicate Biz or Hm]:


QR Code Reader instructions

1. Launch your preferred QR Reader app
2. Hold your SmartPhone so that the entire barcode appears on your SmartPhone's display
3. The barcode picture will be replaced by a short text message. Please add your contact info before pressing SEND

You can download a free QR code reader from the App Store for your SmartPhone: my favorites include Scan (by QR Code City, available at http://scan.me), NeoReader, and I-nigma.

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